Mission: “Running without ED isn’t just about “running”. Running is something that I have always loved to do, but Ed got in the way of that. Throughout my eating disorder, I would use running to torture myself. I don’t want that anymore! Running Without ED is about doing what you love without your eating disorder or negative thoughts stopping you. It’s about eating dessert with the ones you love without worrying and without ED. It’s about chasing your dreams and working hard to be everything that you strive to be without ED. It’s about living your life WITHOUT ED!”
-Julie, Founder

Running Without Ed is in its very beginning stages of organization and hopefully, will be a 5k walk/run to raise money for eating disorder treatment scholarships. Running Without “ED” or “eating disorder” is meant to encourage people of all ages, with or without an eating disorder to walk, run, and exercise without negative self talk.

The purpose of Running Without ED is to raise awareness of eating disorders and to funding for scholarships for treatment. Inpatient/Residential treatment can cost up to $1,000 a day. This includes room, board, and medical treatment. Following a residential stay, many patients continue to seek treatment on an outpatient base. Many of the specialists necessary for treatment may not be covered by insurance.

An eating disorder causes much physical and emotional strain on families. Having the extra financial burden added on to the confusion and heartbreak is exhausting. Many people suffering from an eating disorder do not have the financial security to pay for the cost of treatment, even if the insurance company partially covers it. Admitting a struggle with an eating disorder, and reaching out for help is very difficult because of the denial and the undeserving feelings that come with this disease.

From my personal experience many people think that they are not worth all the money that their parents or themselves would spend on treatment, so they refrain from asking for help. This results in more and more people barely surviving with their eating disorder. Eating disorders are extremely difficult to recover from, but there is hope. And I have seen and met so many women who are committed to their recovery. My wish is to provide that hope, and to lessen families’ financial burden so that individuals with any kind of eating disorder can begin their own journey of recovery.

In each of you, whether or not you have an eating disorder, have the strength within you to overcome any obstacle. With your help, you can spread the much needed hope for individuals with eating disorders to receive the proper treatment. Any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Julie Carr. (runningwithouted@gmail.com)

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