Support System, Party of One

Recovering Girl

Every good recovery needs a strong support structure, right?  But what does “support” really mean and where does it really come from?

support system 3

I’ve always been overly accommodating.  I’m a total “people pleaser.”  I overcompensate, because I’ve never felt like I was good enough, was worthy of love (my own included), unless I “earned” it.  Not to get off subject too much, but even in the process of starting treatment for my eating disorder, which is inevitably related to my feelings of not-enoughness, I’m feeling like I don’t deserve the help, am not enough, am not sick enough, haven’t paid my dues, am not as bad off as many others, not to mention spending the time and money on myself, instead of my work and/or marriage.

what others think of you

I have cared about people, their opinions, and the love I thought they would give me so deeply, that I have given up my own…

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